Water Treatment Process – Our Services

1. Industrial Effluent Characteristics Study (IECS)

  • Industrial Effluent Characteristics Study (IECS) is also known as Wastewater Characteristics Study (WWCS)

  • We provide services to study wastewater characteristic (IECS) and prepare a detailed consultation report to the client or for submission to the Department of Environment (DOE).

  • IECS is an important test to understand the water and wastewater characteristic before any plant design comes into the picture.

  • IECS is important to design a new treatment system, upgrade an existing plant due to an increase in production effluent quantity and accommodate a change/ increase in effluent composition or concentration.

2. Design and Build Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Our team consists of a group of experienced, knowledgeable designers and engineers with a proven track record in building treatment plants from scratch.

  • We believe that each factory or industry is unique on its own, hence, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to water and wastewater engineering.

  • Our application team is dedicated to understand the production flows, water or wastewater characteristics before proposing the best, cost-effective solution to our potential clients.

  • Our area of expertise includes: Water Treatment Systems, Ground Water Treatment, River Water Treatment, Deionized (D.I) Water, Softener Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment Systems and Water Recovery Systems.

  • Each design is integrated with the latest technologies, similar to what mass manufacturing setups have. We combine automated control system and online monitoring system to minimize dependence on human operators.

3. Supply of chemicals for industrial water and Wastewater Treatment

  • We would conduct site monitoring, which includes JAR test, before proposing the best chemicals to our clients.

  • In order to ensure optimum chemical performance, we would continue our site monitoring after chemicals are used, and also, help to estimate the quantity of chemicals needed based on lab testing.

  • Our chemical warehouse is located in Selangor and Perak. Our chemicals can be packed in carboys, drums and IBC tanks, depending on clients’ requirements.

4. Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

  • No matter who built your treatment plant, we can willing to provide services to operate and maintain it on a contractual basis.

  • Our experienced O&M group is tasked to ensure our clients are able to comply with the Department of Environment’s (DOE) standard.

  • Our services include : Instrument calibration, equipment condition checking, repairing and maintenance, chemical stock advise, submission of service consultation report ( Daily, Monthly, Annually)