Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can we change the current chemicals to be used in existing water or wastewater treatment plants?2019-05-27T10:10:07+00:00

Yes, you can.

We will use the “JAR test” results to propose a new chemical program to clients. We will also provide on-site commissioning & monitoring.

What is a JAR Test?2019-05-27T10:09:06+00:00

A JAR test is a laboratory scale test to check the quality of treated water and to estimate chemical usage.

Do you provide consultation services?2019-05-27T10:08:40+00:00

Yes, it is our pleasure to share our recommendation to manufacturers who face any problems with their existing water/ wastewater treatment plants or planning to build a new treatment plant.

Please contact us now for a non-obligated consultation.

What are the differences between monthly checking service and full operational & maintenance services?2019-05-27T10:07:45+00:00

Monthly Checking Service:

The plants will be operated and maintained by the clients themselves.

Our technical personnel will be assigned to your plants on a regular basis to check its performance.

A monthly report is issued to clients.

Full Operational and Maintenance Services:

We will provide technical personnel to help clients to operate, check and maintain plants’ performance.

Does your company help in sourcing, repairing and re-conditioning existing equipment?2019-05-27T10:04:53+00:00

Yes, we gladly do. This is one of our expertise since we do supply DAF, clarifier and water pumps on a frequent basis.

What are the services that clients can expect from us?2019-05-27T10:05:26+00:00

Do expect one-stop, comprehensive and integrated services from us, which include:

a. conduct water and wastewater characteristics study (IECS- Industrial Effluent Characteristics Study)

b. design, build and commission water and wastewater treatment plants

c. provide chemicals and repair equipment

d. operate & maintain water and wastewater treatment plants

What are the basic information that I need to prepare before building a new water or wastewater treatment system?2019-05-27T10:06:16+00:00

Clients need to prepare information as below :

a. Capacity required

b. Industrial Effluent Characteristic Study (IECS) Report

c. Land area plot drawing for the new treatment plant

d. Current production process flow diagram

Remember, there are no two similar factories in wastewater treatment plants, despite producing the same end products. Each functional, sustainable treatment plant is a unique case/ design on its own.

What is IECS?2019-05-27T10:04:05+00:00

IECS is known as Industrial Effluent Characteristics Study.

The objective of the study is to gather information on current characteristics of raw wastewater.

This is the same as a doctor diagnosing a patient, to know his/ her illnesses before dispensing the right medicine.

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